bathroom renovation in oklahoma city, ok

What To Expect In A Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom remodel is probably going to be the number one remodeling project you may experience.  For many, having a nice clean and functional bathroom is a sign of success in their home.  Here’s a quick look at some of what you can expect if you’re looking to get started with a bathroom renovation in oklahoma city, ok project.

Tear out phase

The tear out phase is the phase that is most fun and will show the progress of a project.  In the tear out phase we remove all of the old toilets, sinks and tiling.  We take all of this out, toss it into a dumpster and are now free to create a brand-new vision.

The stud out process

The next part of the process is to put in the studs and framework for your project.  The stud out process will set where your toilets go, sinks, tubs and shower.  You will also run your lighting and other features.  It is very important that if you want any changes done to your project, that it is done in this phase.

Install phase

The install phase is the phase where we start to install the primary components.  These will be the tub, shower, sinks and more.  Once these components are installed, your project will really start to take shape.  Once your primary components are installed, we can start to add detail.

Detail phase

This is going to be the coolest part of the project.  This is where we start putting in tile, colors, paint, lighting and other components.  It is at this phase you will almost be complete and will start to see the vision of your initial concept.

bathroom renovation in oklahoma city, ok

At the end of the detail phase you will end up in the punch out clean up phase.  This is where we will fix anything that needs to be adjusted, add finishing touches and more.  After the end of this part, your bathroom remodel should be ready for you to enjoy.