dental implant in Rochester

Why Is Dental Implant The Best Option

Are you confused about whether you must go for a dental implant or not? It is undoubtedly a big decision to make. Still, in some cases, it is the best option. Cannot decide upon whether to get a dental implant in Rochester or not? Here are a few reasons why you need one!

Permanent Tooth Fall Off

Irrespective of the reason, if you permanently lose a tooth, the best option is to get a dental Implant. Leaving a gap between your teeth can lead to misalignment of the other teeth. Moreover, it can become a breeding ground for infections as tiny food chunks get stuck in the area.

Comfort Level

Do you think getting dentures or crowns are uncomfortable? An implant is the most comfortable way of covering a tooth gap. It feels just like getting a natural tooth, as you do not need to take it off for cleaning.

Eliminates Bone Loss

dental implant in Rochester

If you leave a gap for a prolonged period, the jaw bone of that area starts deteriorating with time. Opting for an implant saves bone loss as it also includes implanting a root, unlike other tooth replacement options.

Functions Naturally

A dental implant is a permanent solution to your missing tooth. It functions as well as a real tooth, letting you chew and speak seamlessly. With this, you do not need to fear your dentures or crowns falling off, loosening, or shifting from their place.

One Time Investment

Another reason why a dental implant is the best option is that it is a one-time investment. You do not have to visit your dentist several times a year for adjustments, like in dentures.

Summing Up

Getting a dental implant is like a win-win situation for all. All you must pay attention to is the extra care for the first few days. After that, you can forget that you actually got an artificial tooth and enjoy your favorite treats without any fear!